Big Pharma is making you sick: They will never solve the worlds health issues because it makes too much money on diseases Part – Two

3 Nov , 2017 Multiple Sclerosis

Big Pharma is making you sick: They will never solve the worlds health issues because it makes too much money on diseases Part – Two

Big Pharma’s shady industry dealings!

I employ everyone to wake up and read for yourselves what the realities are for real long-term recovery. What is the safety and ethical implications or the lack of.  Time is ticking and our next generation is becoming more and more injured, the rates of autism, dementia and chronic diseases are skyrocketing out of control. Gwen Olsen, author of Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher, spent fifteen years as a sales rep in the pharmaceutical industry working for health care giants.  She is a writer, speaker, coach and mental health activist who states:

“Most of us think of drug dealers as the seedy characters that hang out in our schoolyards and back alleys trying to lure our children into drug addiction… or as the rich Colombian warlords who runs a cocaine empire… The truth is that some of the most lethal drug dealers wear suits and ties, drive company fleet vehicles, and live in your very own neighborhoods.  More importantly, they are addicting you and your children to the drugs they sell via your most trusted relationships—those with your doctors!”

Big Pharma are part of a global disinformation and propaganda campaign orchestrated by the Medical Establishment and funded by pharmaceutical companies, to protect their market, sell more drugs, and keep you in the dark. Gwen Olsen further describes their true colours.

“Pharmaceutical companies are not the great humanitarian organizations we might want to believe they are. These executives don’t rise to their morning coffee every day bursting with philanthropic desire to heal the world. They are businessmen who are accountable to stockholders and are basically motivated by bottom-line profits. Healthy profits! As my first regional sales manager pointedly told me in my final interview, “If it’s altruism that motivates you, kid, join the Peace Corps. But, if it is money that motivates you, let me show you how you can retire a millionaire with this job!”

Pharmaceutical representatives are good-looking, friendly, engaging sales professionals. The industry spends approximately $100,000 on employment, training, and indoctrination and that’s just one new rep. Sales training is tough and intended to remove the “intimidated” (Working side by side with doctors can be a challenge even for the highly competitive strong confident reps). New trainees are pushed to breaking point, with long hours of coursework after work and weekends, practicing sales presentations, and testing for medical product information. It is highly competitive where most trainees’ fail due to the sheer pressure they are under.  They cannot complete all stages of the training. Only the most determined and impressive flourish in the industry. Gwen Olson talks about her real experiences as a representaive in the pharmaceutical industry:

“I have also known reps that joined a particular health club or church in order to gain casual access to a HVP who was difficult to access. One former colleague even babysat for a doctor’s children in order to win his favor. I have sent doctors singing telegrams from various entertainer look-alikes, and I once had a belly dancer snuck into a hospital cardiac lab for a cardiologist’s birthday. I was definitely a rep that was known as a goodie girl, and I never went anywhere empty-handed. I showered my giveaway items and promotional treasures on anyone and everyone in my path. For holidays and special events, I would make up goodie baskets around the theme of the occasion (for example, Easter, Halloween, or Christmas) and fill them with chocolates and gimmick items for office staff. On any given day or visit, there was always a trail of evidence from the latest marketing plan in my wake.”

Some reps will go beyond the line of duty to gain doctors attention. Pharmaceutical companies offer rewarding money, enticements and prizes for reps that reach their sales target. Gwen Olson talks about some of the commonplace occurrences that take place in the industry:

“Recently, several investigative reporters have uncovered examples of questionable promotional strategies and incriminating documents distributed by pharmaceutical companies to their sales force. These documents instructed reps to dodge and/or minimize serious side effects or complications associated with their products. One such example appeared in the Primetime Live special on antidepressants (“Drug Company Investigation”)…ABC obtained marketing instructions issued to Paxil reps to minimize withdrawal side effects of the drug to doctors. Another appeared in a 60 Minutes piece aired in November 2004. A paper trail uncovered by CBS revealed instructions for the intentional dissemination of misleading information in association with the Merck drug, Vioxx…”

The healthcare giants go through tremendous efforts to building a rapport with doctors responsible for purchasing medical provisions for their practice. They will do anything to get on board through bribery and dishonesty and overall sales tactics. Gwen Olsen talks about her past experience as a sales rep and the typical shenanigans that closed deals:

“Most doctors would deny the influence that sales reps have on their prescribing behavior…These reps not only provide samples, lunch, medical education, tools and devices, medical textbooks, calendars, scratch pads, and pens, but they also influence the doctors’ personal lives. Reps make generous contributions to office parties, fund-raisers, and golf tournaments. They provide tickets to local sporting events and entertainment venues, and they coordinate social events such as boating, fishing, and hunting expeditions…For example, if one of my doctors was too busy for me to gain regular access to his practice, I would invite the doctor and his wife or family to dine with me and a key leader…in the community (a supporter of mine, of course). One time, I remember leasing a private room at a four-star Italian restaurant. That afternoon, I sent a singing Italian waiter to the doctor’s office with a bottle of champagne as a reminder and an invitation to him, his son…and their wives to join my husband and me for dinner. I paid a local specialist, whom I knew to receive the majority of my HVP’s referrals, $ 1,000 to have dinner with us and initiate a round-table discussion about my product with the two family practitioners. The evening would more than pay for itself because both doctors increased their prescriptions more than twenty-five percent in the next three months. Prior to that, I had made very little impact on either lucrative practice. This practice of hiring KOLs to influence other doctors is quite common, and reps openly refer to these hired guns as prostitutes or drug whores because they are willing to sell their reputations to drug companies in this manner.”

Youngsters are a profitable market and are fast becoming the new growth area in the drugs trade. They are young, vulnerable and under the authority of an adult.  Big Pharma views them as co-operative patients, with plenty of repeat prescriptions and money coming their way. They even dispense psychiatric drugs to little children. Eli Lilly pharmaceuticals suggested a flavored Prozac to appeal to children.  (What would they propose next multi-colored heart shaped pills)!  The FDA denied its application (for now). But it would not surprise me if they were manufactured at some point, watch this space! 

State of things to come

  • The government is forcing people to take vaccines and telling them it’s in their best interest!  That makes people very uneasy mandatory vaccinations are becoming more prevalent, where is the choice, where is the real evidence that vaccines effectively improve/maintain our health?
  • There is a massive amount of disinformation about the medical and pharmaceutical industry, and its heavy ties with the government.
  • There is a global disinformation and propaganda campaign orchestrated by the Medical Establishment and funded by pharmaceutical companies, to protect their market, sell more drugs, and keep you in the dark.
  • Pharmaceutical companies are definitely NOT working on “a cure to solve any major disease. That’s the last thing they want. The Medical Establishment and Pharmaceutical Industry want you to be sick, the sicker, the better!
  • Pharmaceutical companies would stand to lose billions in profits if people were to cure themselves naturally not to mention that their ‘house of cards’ and ‘web of deception’ would come crashing down too.
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